As part of my regular life, I was a wedding videographer from 2005 til 2015. The knowledge and experience gained then has been beautifully distilled into a reference book for brides-to-be planning their wedding.

“Weddings In Focus” is available on Kindle through the link.

An excerpt:

“Hopefully you’ll only plan a wedding once. So perhaps you could use a few pointers. There are many people you can ask. Friends, family, colleagues. They’ll all have views. But they are unlikely to be experts.

Wedding planning is a thriving business. It can add a great deal to your day in terms of smooth running, if done well. But not all wedding planners are created equal. Some are focussed on logistics, some on the details and decorations, some on sourcing the best suppliers, some on saving you money, and some on the whole shebang.

In our experience of filming weddings over the last 8 years, we have seen few wedding planners, which means that it is a luxury that not everyone perceives that they need or can afford. Perhaps not all wedding planners feel they need to be there on the day, but even if they are, this does not give a cast iron guarantee of things running smoothly. But I am not here to bash wedding planners, please don’t get that impression.

What we have put together is not intended as a wedding planning guide per se, or to take the place of a wedding planner, should you wish to have one. This is chiefly because our detailed experience of planning weddings is limited to 1 : our own. And even for this one, we had a wedding planner – and a very good one too.

No, this is more in the mould of a compendium of hints and tips that should make your wedding day run more smoothly. Not more beautifully, more grand, cheaper or intrinsically better, whatever that means. Just hopefully a bit happier and a bit less stressful.”

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