Poetry is where I started. It allows a very fertile mind to escape onto the page.

I was inspired to start writing when I met a guy who worked in the same branch of McDonalds as me, during my gap year. He used to write nonsense poetry, so I thought I’d give it a go.

I’ve taken a stab at what you might term classical rhymes, observational poetry and offbeat and less structured pieces.

Now it has escaped into the world – click the links below to go to the Kindle Store:

Oddities is a series of off-centre, sometimes surreal poems.

32 Transsexual Haiku – It’s 32 Transsexual Haiku poems! An odd subject for a classical art form, but it was great fun enjoying creating some great plays on words.

Times New, Roaming is a collection of poems on a variety of subjects. Most of these were penned in the 1990s, when the muse was strong.