Sci-Fi Novels

Sci-Fi Novels

In the 1990s, probably inspired by watching Star Trek and the like, I wrote two time-travel based political sci-fi books. Looking back I find it easy to be critical of the simplistic writing and derivative dialogue.

There was a long gap in both time and style before I set out to write a sci-fi novel like a grown-up and craft something a bit more intellectual.

In 2006 I completed “Sacred Ground“, a Sci Fi Novel about a search for truth, for many people, in many ways. It’s based on a distant post-Earth future where I didn’t feel the need to push science believability so far.

In 2017 I came across some old ideas, including a few chapters of what became “Imperfect Isolation“. It was originally intended to be a prequel to the previous time-travel pair, but my notes didn’t make sense so I took the plot in a whole new direction to what I’d probably been planning some 20 years earlier – and all the better for it. I finished this novel in late 2018.

In late 2018 I started on the sequel to “Imperfect Isolation”, provisionally titled “Reprisals”. This will be available early 2019.

The third book in the series is now in the planning stage.