Martian Wedding Anniversaries

Martian Wedding Anniversaries

The following is the official list of gifts due to Martian couples.


1st : Rock

2nd : Rock

3rd : Rock

4th : Rock

5th : Rock

6th : Rock

7th : Rock

8th : Rock

9th : Rock

10th : Rock

11th : Rock

12th : Rock

13th : Rock

14th : Rock

15th : Rock

16th : Rock

17th : Rock

18th : Rock

19th : Rock

20th : Rock

21st : Rock

22nd : Rock

23rd : Rock

24th : Rock

25th : Carbon Dioxide crystals


No Martian marriage has yet lasted past 25 years. In fact, few make it past ten. The majority of break-ups seem to be related to anniversary gifts.


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