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Freeze Effect (Enna Dacourt book 4)

Enna, now settled into family life but pursuing her SpaceFleet career, comes up against a new labyrinth of murder and deception.

2071. SpaceFleet have begun construction of the first Galaxy Class vessel. 

One key decision remains – will it be fitted with cryogenic pods, allowing tourist passengers to sleep through the long weeks to Jupiter, or will it be furnished like a cruise ship, with luxuries and entertainment galore?

When the independent cryogenic feasibility study experiences excess failures, Tom and the team at Fleet PD begin to investigate. Their hands are already full with a murderous outburst at the Moon’s vessel construction site, and the apparently professional killing of a fellow cop who may have uncovered secrets about the project. 

Enna – back at work as a SpaceFleet Navigator – reluctantly agrees to help out for a couple of days.

Then events take a very personal turn, and the stakes for Enna and her colleagues reach life-or-death. 

Powerful people are once again in her sights.

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