Stage Plays

Stage Plays

Whilst I gain most enjoyment (and success to date) from writing pantomimes, I’m now branching out into ‘serious‘ work, inspired by some of the stage plays I’ve seen.

The first professional play was “Masks”, performed in July 2014 as part of the Guildford Fringe Festival. It consisted of 3 short pieces, ranging from 15 to 25 minutes, and mixing comedy and drama. Videos can be seen HERE.

Next on the slate was a fully-fledged drama “The Setup” which I wrote for the 2015 Festival. I’m hoping to get a further outing for this in the near future.

The set-up for “The Setup”

New York state. 2015. A nondescript box room.

Two men sit, back to back, on simple chairs. Handcuffed.

There’s been a police raid on a suspicious business address and most of the staff have been taken into custody. Due to a snafu, there weren’t enough cars to take everyone, so these two men have been put in a holding location onsite.

Waiting. Time drags. They get talking. They get angry. They tell tales. They form an uneasy bond.

Until a truth comes out. And another. A confession.

In strides a cop. Looks like it’s all been a setup.

Or has it?