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Reprisals (Enna Dacourt book 2)

Happy to have found a new genre to write in, and a great new heroine, I began the sequel to “Imperfect Isolation” in Autumn 2018 and finished the first draft about six months later.

“Reprisals” sees the consequences of the heroine’s earlier actions come back to haunt her, the huge ramifications on the fortunes of the world’s two largest companies, and with many people put in danger from revenge motives.

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About the book

Teksys’ shamed CEO Alaric Layton is on trial for murder and corporate espionage. The share price of the trillion-dollar company has tanked. Resentment bubbles inside and outside the company, not least from son Duke Layton who is looking for someone to blame.

The death of roboticist Dr Iversen, unwittingly the architect of the downfall, is under investigation. His nephew Erik not only suspects foul play but is out for reprisal.

Teksys’ global rival Horizon, sniffing a takeover opportunity, suffers a major setback when a very public project demonstration fails, handing the initiative to their competitor – Teksys. But was the failure an accident, or sabotage?

Lieutenant Enna Dacourt is soon in the middle of a mess that is very much of her own making. Not only is she caught in the crossfire and wondering who is shooting, but there’s a target on her own back too.

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