Masks by Chris Towndrow


My first “serious” stage play

This trio is collected under the title of “Masks”, as, with a bit of lateral thinking, that word can apply to all three of these short 1-Act works.

Trilby” gives us the quirky memoirs of a somewhat haughty actor in the dusk of his career, as he looks back on one of the influences of his life – a playwright who made an impression for all the wrong reasons.

In “Layers”, all is not what it seems. This comedy sketch does descend into tragedy, but not without twists and turns. Who is really playing a role, and what is real?

Crash Landing” grazes the subject of the Gulf War in 2004, the arguably ‘masked’ premise for its existence, right and wrong – all within the mind of one man. A wounded helicopter pilot stumbles into an Iraqi house – has he met friend or foe?

The trio has been performed once, and I’m hoping to resurrect at least one of the pieces again soon.

For now, comedy plays are where I’m at.