Tow Away Zone short stories - Sunrise series shorts

Sunrise short stories

Four short stories set in the Sunrise “universe”, exploring a little more about Beckman’s life.

For travelling salesman Beckman Spiers, February 14th is the same every year—just another day. He’ll never enjoy the romantic success that his arch-rival Tyler does.

Accidental Valentine

Except this year might be different. 


Once More, With Feeling

After a sweet, friendly Valentine’s Day encounter with neighbour EJ last year, Beckman is looking forward to their planned get together this February. Then it looks like EJ is moving out—and she’s not been in touch for weeks.

Will he strike out two years in a row?


Six Sales, AZ.

At the end of a disappointing sales week, Beckman is disgruntled to discover that the Coffee Planet branch he’d earmarked for his afternoon fix has burned down.

In a nearby independent café, he meets Jolene, finally manages to order something besides his usual brew… and discovers that maybe she’s not as sweet as she seems.



There’s a new employee at Pegasus. Travelling salesman Beckman Spiers meets Oswald, hired to replace Cad Follic—who’s been attacked by a tiger.

But Oswald has a secret past, and Beckman will never look at him the same again.