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Sunrise short stories

Four short stories set in the Sunrise “universe”, exploring a little more about Beckman’s life.

Accidental Valentines

For travelling salesman Beckman Spiers, February 14th is the same every year—just another day. He’ll never enjoy the romantic success that his arch-rival Tyler does.

Except this year might be different. 


Six Sales, AZ.

At the end of a disappointing sales week, Beckman is disgruntled to discover that the Coffee Planet branch he’d earmarked for his afternoon fix has burned down.

In a nearby independent café, he meets Jolene, finally manages to order something besides his usual brew… and discovers that maybe she’s not as sweet as she seems.



There’s a new employee at Pegasus. Travelling salesman Beckman Spiers meets Oswald, hired to replace Cad Follic—who’s been attacked by a tiger.

But Oswald has a secret past, and Beckman will never look at him the same again.