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Tow Away Zone (Sunrise Trilogy book 1)

This offbeat comedy drama novel – with romance and a dash of urban fantasy – was originally conceived as a Coen Brothers style screenplay in around 2005. It was also inspired by elements of a little-known Italian film called The Icicle Thief which blends a quirky story, comedy and a mashup of colour and monochrome.

When I was trawling old notes in about 2017, I felt this story needed to be written. That said, I was nervous about trying to novelise something which was conceived as a very visual piece. I had to find a very different ‘voice’ to try to make it jump off the page, to do justice to the very original nature of the characters and the story.

I think I succeeded, and readers’ comments to date have been favourable. It was self-published on Amazon on 2nd October 2019 (my wife’s birthday… aww). The follow-up arrived in 2020.

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The Pitch…

Beckman Spiers is a grey man in a grey world—and he’s happy with that. 

After 12 years of routine and grind, he’s again fighting to become Number One  Salesman of the Year. Legend has it, Number Ones get so rich, they never work again. With a week to go, Beckman is gaining on his nemesis, smooth-talking Tyler Quittle. 

When a chance blowout on a deserted Arizona highway leaves Beckman stranded, the mysterious Saul arrives, and tows him to the strange neon-lit town of Sunrise. Here, he meets the glamorous Lolita Milan and his fortunes change.

Yet, Sunrise’s small-town charms conceal secrets, and his world becomes one of private investigators and backstabbing business deals. What will he have to do to reach Number One? And what will he do if he wins the race?

Tow Away Zone is a comedy drama novel in monochrome and colour. A tale of honesty and dishonesty. An enchantment of neon lights, punctures, killer lizards, private detectives, and the finest root beer in America.

“A gripping yarn – quirky characters, a pacy plot and a setting like you’ve never read before. A fun ol’ read.”

Paul Kerensa, Comedian & British Comedy Award-winning TV writer

“Very enjoyable and easy to read with an unusual plot that keeps you guessing throughout. Highly recommended.” ★★★★★


“This is a brilliant story. Clever, laugh-out-loud funny, and mysterious all at the same time. Heartily recommended.” ★★★★★


“I read this in 2 sessions spending the time in between wondering “what next?” for Beckman. Really good fun to read with more than a touch of darkness, so much neon, a very odd pet and the best breakdown service on the planet. Very enjoyable and highly recommended!” ★★★★★


“An original, inventive storyline and a variety of three dimensional characters that you will genuinely care about. Dialogue sharp enough to shave with, well paced and bubbling with humour.” ★★★★★


“A really easy and enjoyable read. Once I started it was tough to put down, and when I did, I always looked forward to going back for more.”


“Thoroughly enjoyed reading in a few sittings – very funny!”


“In a surprising town a salesman finds everything he ever wanted. This is such an incredibly interesting story. I couldn’t put it down. And I could never decide if the town was real or not. But the characters could have lived next door!” ★★★★★

Amazon review

“This is one of those books that will leave you with a smile on your face. Funny, relatable perfect characters, a story that kept me turning the pages and an ending that did not disappoint. This is a great book to take on holiday because it is light-hearted and fun.” ★★★★★

Amazon review

“I struggle to compare this book with others. The words ‘unique’ and ‘inventive’ come to mind. The dialogue is well-crafted and funny, the characters are wonderfully individual, and the narrative is a kaleidoscope of colourful drama. This book will stick with you.”★★★★★

Maddie G

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