Pull up a chair

Pull up a chair

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My name is Chris Towndrow and I have been writing in my spare time since 1991. Kindle e-books of some of my work are available via this link.

2013 saw a major breakthrough in my writing for the stage – “Cinders“, a panto in full risque adult-only form premiered it’s 10-night professional run in Guildford in December, easily selling out all performances.

To follow this, in December 2014 I worked again with the Guildford Fringe Theatre Company on “D!CK” . Again we sold out, this time 17 performances to a total audience of over 1000.

Summer 2015 saw my first foray into drama, with “The Setup” taking part in the Guildford Fringe Festival.

December 2015 brought two adult pantos to the stage, simultaneously on stage in Guildford (“Aladdin Rub My Lamp“) and Woking (“D!CK”). Again we sold very well, over 30 performances to a total audience of over 1700.

I also enjoyed another performance of “D!CK” by an amateur group for a charity event in February 2017.

Winter 2017 saw “Jack and his Giant Stalk” premiering in Guildford, and selling out a month-long run to great reviews and some 2000+ audience members.

Adult Pantomime scripts are available to license.

In The Works

It’s August 2018 and the major prose project in the works for this year is a 4th sci-fi (or “science future” as I try to aim for) novel, provisionally entitled “Imperfect Isolation”. Its settings include such diverse locations as New York, rural Sweden, a French chateau, and an mining base on an asteroid. The first draft is complete and I’ve stepped away to–

–The script for Guildford Fringe’s 2018 Adult Panto is also well in progress – “Peter Pan & The Loose Boys“.

Next (time allowing!) will be my first foray into melodrama – a wry retelling of Romeo & Juliet, set in the 1980s.


By day I am a corporate video producer and marketer at London Corporate Media, helping promote my clients businesses and generate more sales for them. This is a domain characterised by technical knowledge, marketing, filmmaking techniques, storytelling and creativity.