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Thanks for stopping by. My name is Chris Towndrow. I’m a multi-genre author and a playwright.

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My most popular novel – “Tow Away Zone” – is a quirky romantic black comedy which is a very accessible read that appeals to a wide audience… 5* reviews on Amazon bear this out :

“A gripping yarn – quirky characters, a pacy plot and a setting like you’ve never read before. A fun ol’ read.”

– Paul Kerensa, Comedian & British Comedy Award-winning TV writer

In 2020 I published the sequel “Go Away Zone“. The trilogy concluded in 2021 with cozy mystery Stow Away Zone.

Before this, I’d primarily written sci-fi novels. The near-future adventure “Imperfect Isolation” was self-published in 2018. The 2019 sequel “Reprisals” focuses on the consequences of the first book, with many people out for revenge. The third book in the Enna Dacourt series, “Trip Hazard“, was self-published in January 2021. The fourth, “Freeze Effect“, arrived in 2022.

The previous work, “Sacred Ground“, written in 2004 and self-published in 2012, is a space opera set in the far future after an intergalactic war.

In the early 2000s I experienced a burst of Woody Allen-esque inspiration for crazy humour, and the result was a compendium of offbeat comedy short stories – “The Real Jamie Oliver and Other Stories“.

In 2021 I re-engaged with short stories, and published new works in comedy, drama and romance.

Works in progress

2022’s key focus is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama. It’s the development of an original idea for a one-room theatrical drama, and will be my first book set solely in the UK.

Next up will be a British romantic comedy and I feel like 2023 will be a year of romcom scripts.

I’m currently querying a historical romance “Signs of Life“, which is the novelisation of a 2004 screenplay for a reflective Western.

Late 2022 / early 2023 is set aside for the concluding book in the Enna Dacourt sci-fi series.

Theatrical scripts performed

After my first am-dram Pantomime script was performed in 2004, a major breakthrough in my writing for the stage happened in 2013. “Cinders“, a panto in full risque adult-only form premiered it’s 10-night professional run in Guildford in December, easily selling out all performances.

Since then, five further scripts have been performed since then, with both professional and amateur casts, and total audience to date is around 5000.

Pantomime scripts are available to license.